1st Build First Venture, need Visor advice.


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Hi all!

Want to pick your brains and show off my current project. Completely new here so if I'm missing something feel free to shout!

I'm currently working on a H3 EOD helmet, unfortunately not manufactured by myself but I aim to get there eventually. I am however working on the paint and weathering myself - and would love some advice on visors. What I am intending is getting some chromed mirror window tint and flexible plastic film to manufacture my own, but would love to know of a better solution!

Pics for the ample feedback I am sure you all have (finished pic first, as far as I have got).




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For this one you might be able to get away with popping some lenses out of the right pair of sunglasses.

If you want to be cheeky, create a paper pattern of the eye shape of the helmet and then take that to your local gas station/grocery store/department store or where you'd find big display racks of different sunglasses to see if there's any that are a bit larger than your pattern size.


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I was actually considering that, but want a solution that I know will be consistent should I use it in the future. Definitely some good advice though thankyou!


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My initial suggestion is the same as Turbo, I have seen several people just use Gold Mirrored Sunglasses for their EOD Helmets.

You can also use a Gold Iridium motorcycle visor. You should be able to get several EOD helmet lens worth out of one visor.

To really go down the rabbit hole and ensure a perfect fit an shape you would want to make a "positive" buck or mold of the lens. You could then pull that in a clear plastic. The clear plastic is then tinted with a fabric dye intended for Synthetic fabrics, IdyePoly or RIT Dye More, to get you a transparent gold/yellow visor. The interior of the piece is then hit with a fine coat of chrome paint, SpazStick, ALuclad, or another brand, either airbrush or rattle can. You are then left with a one way mirror effect.

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