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Hi everyone. Great forum you have here. Been a long time lurker and just got into making some armor via pepakura. I was hoping to make my first post my finished set and give my thanks to this community. However, I hit a hurdle in my progress that I don't feel I can blindly push through without some proprietary advice for my setup.

I'm currently working on a Mark VI MC suit. I don't know how many people have used the Mark VI yet but its vastly different from the Mark V (if thats what we would call it I assume, haven't seen anything official). For those who don't know, the difference between the V and VI is the holes for the shoulders on the V are massive where as the VI they're true to MC's armor. They're form fitting so trying to put it over me would rip it apart. The neck hole isn't big enough for my noggin (6'1" 200lbs) however even my 5'2" girlfriend's pea size head wouldn't fit through. I've used the advice in the scaling thread and when comparing the chest piece against my torso it seems to have worked out so scaling I can confidently say is not an issue. Its the actual design of the piece. Which I might say is beautiful and will make any headache to get it to work worth it.

So my question is this - is there a solution for this or am I gonna have to modify this to make it go over me?

I thought about after glassing it making the bottom sides removable somehow - how, I'll worry about and figure out when that happens. Same with the neck piece. Just put a removable section in for me to slip my head through then somehow fasten the piece I took out back in.

Other than that I'm stumped. If theres any solutions or suggestion I'm all ears. I hate to get into glassing it and have to something unforeseen happen or halt my progres in some other manner. The Mark V version is just not an option - the VI is just too sexy. I'll make the VI work if theres nothing out there. :p Its not a big deal if I have to go into modifying something, like removable pieces, but if theres something I don't know to keep it as clean and true as possible that would be fantastic to know.

Thank in advance, cheers!
The neck problem is addressed in the Pepakura Ultimate FAQ.

The Mk VI model is not proportional to a humans so the scaling will be a bit different for some pieces. (This is also addressed in the FAQ)

It is truly best to modify any pepakura to fit you. The paper model is just what you start with, the rest is up to you.
i was thinking of hinging it at the shoulders. but maybe the angle's not right?
maybe hinge it on the tops of the 2 hole things on the shoulders, where the boxes should be at the same level and angle. cuz if you hinge it and the two hinges are at different levels/ angles it aint gona work.
this would involve cutting the torso in half- into a chest piece and back.

or maybe you could even put zippers along the sides after you've cut it.

hope this helps.
I ended up cutting the chestplate off of the backplate right before I fiberglassed it - doing that entire piece at once was not my vision of a great time. I plan on reattaching it either permanently or with quick-release (the kind with the squeezy things on the sides) buckles.
I looked over the post a few times. I must've missed it. Thought I made sure I covered all sources before posting but I suppose not. I know you guys get alot of redundant posts from newbs on here. Tried to do my part in keeping it clean :p Thanks for the input! Your FAQs did help alot for getting started.

To everyone else,
Thanks for the ideas. The hinge idea sounds good. Thinking about hinging it or detaching in some fashion above the recesses that sit right above the chest and before the shoulders.

Now I'm just debating and looking for input on whether it would be best to modify it while in card stock form or in resin? Obviously cutting it in card stock would be easy but the resin will have its shape set in stone - so when I cut it it'll keep its lines. Now that I typed that and read over it doing it in resin seems more appealing for the finished product.

Thank again guys, anymore advice is truely welcomed...
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