For all those who say they can't do it or are not happy w/ their builds......


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Hey there everyone! As I was uploading my newest batch of pictures for my son's DFT build, I started looking at my pictures from when I first started. What a difference. So I thought I would start a thread in the recruit section showing you that you can do it! Here are pics of my first attempts two years ago (those helmets! OMG!) and where I am at now.

The point of the post is that if your are hesitant or not sure of your talent, just put knife to foam (or your preferred method) and start. Will there be mistakes? Yep. Will you have to remake a piece here and there? Probably so, but the idea is to learn from it and do it better.

Never underestimate your own talent and lastly, if your not sure of something, ask. I have never met a more honest and supportive group of artists than I have on this forum.

With out further ado.......

1st Ab Plate.jpg 20190928_145655.jpg 1St Helmets.jpg 20190928_145751.jpg 20190209_160631.jpg 20190928_150055.jpg 20190928_142935.jpg 20190928_142948.jpg 20190928_143001.jpg 20190928_143017.jpg


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Felt like I should throw my little progression and improvement of skills in here too.
I have been a foamsmith, maker, cosplayers or whatever people want to call it for 3 years now. Below are the 5 helmets I have built in that time. Not shown are the 5 suits of armour that I have made in that same amount of time.


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Costuming is a journey. We learn so many things along the way.

DSC01283.jpg 14701021_1317259358286836_1803319291503594505_o.jpg 72480648_10157694132032372_6060700223368331264_n.jpg AniRevo 2017 Rooftops.jpg DSC03657 (1).jpg DSC00582.jpg IMG_0325.JPG 62128903_2525195074159919_2513556105913696256_o.jpg received_332677271005322.jpeg

This is a selection of the costumes I've made for myself, there's definitely a few props, odds and ends and gosh knows what else not included but everything I make helps make the next thing better


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Here are some of mine, including my first "serious" costume circa 1992, literally taped together with parts found at the goodwill store.

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