Hi how are you

skull cheif

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Hi how are you I am skullcheif and I would like to to say hello and I am looking for noble 5 aka Jorge I would appreciate some help as this is my first time making a 3d spartan suit and 3d printing in general yours skullcheif
Hi and welcome :D
Moe Sizzlac has Jorge 3D print files!

Plenty of resources can be found throughout the forum! Most helpful i found was in the Tutorials section

But i'm sure if you post up any questions you need answers too along your build, people will be happy to jump feet first and help!

Good luck on your build!
Let us know if you have any questions! Generally, my process for making a build starts with loads of research. Linked a few posts above it the tutorials section of the forum. Hopefully you will find helpful resources there! If you have question about 3D printing in particular, check out the "What's Your Printer" and "I Wish I Knew" threads in the costumes and props section for tips and information about 3D printing. One thing that I find particularly helpful when starting a new build is to try and find threads made my members who have made the same suit I'm attempting. Here are a few Jorge build threads that you may find helpful:

PapaBear271's Foam Jorge build:

Invidiax4fan's 3D printed WIP Jorge build:

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