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Identity Officer & RCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer

January 9, 2018

Greetings from the 405th Southern Regiment Command Staff

In an effort to better improve our organization, specifically as it pertains to the Southern Regiment, we are reaching out today to invite you to revisit the forum at and update your profile, avatar and add some info about yourself and what you have built as of late.

Whether you are a long standing member or someone that only visited a handful of times, we invite you to see all of the changes the forum has undergone over the last 18 months. The entire site has migrated to a new platform with many new features and much faster speeds. We have restructured the “File Archive” into what is now the “Armory” to aid you in finding resources a little easier. An additional area now allows for conversations as they directly relate to a specific armor type or other game feature. A new Map feature has been added to help you find people closer to you as well who share your interest in all things Halo. Also your ability to upload files and images direct to the forum now exists, so no more need for outside hosting.

We recognize that with the advent of social media, the forums once relevance is no longer the only source for sharing and gaining feedback on your builds. However it does make it easier to document and update your build posts and share these with fellow members both inside and outside the forum.

Our goal with this message today is to help bring people together and promote more local interactivity in addition to showcasing the amazing talent that is out there. The forum is and always has been a place of encouragement first and foremost and to gain insightful information that can be readily available to review at your leisure.

In short we exist because you continue to Honor each other by helping and inspiring others to create Armor, and coalescing in Unity in the amazing Halo Universe.

See you all on the forum!

Southern Regiment Command Staff