found something on halo 1

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i was playing on the library when i spotted a blue looking thing down below my position
i found how to get to it through a hidden will XD
heres what i did:

when you get to the part where the sentinels are coming from above in a line. make sure you still have enough overshield left over! go the opposite (left) direction you're suppost to so you dont lose much over sheild from battle.
jump across the block slanted things untill you reach the space before the last one. turn around and hug the wall. that or just go through and try to hug everyone. then revert to save if one doesnt werk until you fall through into a blue sky of nothingness but blue. :D hopefully if you land you lose health but you're still alive. once you land look for an open door to the center room. in the middle theres the index. but of course its floating... look for another door in that room. once you find it, go right untill you reach the blue door. there it is... a door with nothing but blue in it and some floating hologram things...
idk if its an easteregg but its cool! prolly a parody of the BSOD XD if i had a picture i'd show you. hope you find it :p
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