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I am offering my Rubies Master Chief armor set (without helmet or undersuit) to a beginner without armor for FREE. If interested, please email me at

Good morning and Happy New Year, 405th. I am in possession of a Rubies Master Chief armor set. I have decided that I would rather 3D print my own, as I am not tall and this thing was made for a gorilla.

The armor set is this one: Rubie's Halo Deluxe Master Chief Costume

It does not have the helmet or the undersuit, as I have had the undersuit tailored to fit me, and the helmet was destroyed as I tried to make it look somewhat presentable. I’m not going to lie, Rubies makes godawful poor crap! This $299 costume is why I will never buy another Rubies item again. In addition to being oversized, it is made of cheap plastic with poorly-connected Velcro straps. It is also oversized. Rubies’ idea of “one size fits all” is to make it so flaming big that you can put a party of seven in it and then say “See?! That fits! It’s not too small!” Then helmet was larger than my motorcycle helmet. Unless you’re about 5’10 you might find it too large for you. (I am 5’5”, and was extremely unhappy with the fit. Your mileage may vary.)

So, why would you even want it? Well, if you put some foam backing on the inside of the armor and replace the straps with some better ones, you’ll probably be able to make this into a good set of starter armor. Since I’m giving it away to get it out of my den (so I can set up the 3D printer and make my REAL armor), it would be a very good place to start for someone who is just firing up. I am happy to provide my notes for making this into suitable armor to whoever takes it— it was just too much work for me with my many other hobbies like restoring my Jeep and trying to fatten up my dog.

Literally first come, only served. We have two choices for delivery: if you’re in the northern Florida (Jacksonville) or southern Georgia area, we can either meet somewhere or you can come pick it up. Otherwise, I have to ask you to pay for shipping. (I’ll find the best shipping rate possible for you.

if you are interested, please reply here or email me at I don’t check here as often as I should, but I’m trying to be more active here in 2021.


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This is a really sweet gesture, I'm commenting for two reasons:

1) With the idea that if literally nobody else claims it, I will, with the intent to mod it then also give it away to some lucky new recruit. This suit could become the 405th's hot potato.
2) As a shameless bump in the hopes that it doesn't come to #1.