From Me to you, several pep files

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Robogenisis said:
If you made the models, keep trying, but make it with less faces, and use a better program than sketchup. If you didn't make the models, good job finding them, but they aren't easy enough for pepakura.
I found most of the files, except the Easier sniper, which is from Halo 2 and I made the Rocket 21. As i said before, this is a WIP as i learn how to use 3d programming. And what program would you suggest? Preferably one that i can transfer my files from sketchup to and is free.
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I use and would suggest Milkshape 3d for pepakura. It's cheap ($25), compared to 3ds Max's $3500 price tag, and it views the models the exact same way Pepakura does (Back faces are back faces, etc.) and doesn't mess up the faces when you export it. I don't know what to do about importing Sketchup files though.
Milkshape isn't as user friendly as Max, but I like it more over-all than Max. Max can seem a bit over-whelming at first, and Milkshape can be a little frustrating.

I thought some of those files looked familiar (downloaded some of them before), and the simplified sniper looks much better than the other models. I didn't look at the rocket21 though.
If anyone would like to teach me the ways of simplifying these and making them into nice pep files, I would gladly do it for everyone. Sorry. I just know jack about them.
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