Game Head cancelled!

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Sean Bradley

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I just spotted this over at Kotaku, and wanted to let you guys know.

Spike's gaming TV show'Game Head' has been cancelled. This is the show that featured many of our members on their Halo 3: Launched! special on Sept 24th (now available for download in the XBL Marketplace).

The guys I met from this show were very nice people, and I've kept in touch with the director of my segment since the show aired. He's gone out of his way to do some very nice things for me, and to promote our hobby (to the guys at Bungie). I hate to think that he's out of a job at the moment. I've got an email in to him to see what the real story is. It' sort of sounds like they're just re-branding the show and giving it a better timeslot, which is great, if they bring all of the Game Head production people with them. Otherwise it's kinda sad to think that some of those people might be out of a job right before the holidays.

Also it's kinda a bummer that the show that featured us so prominently in their Halo 3 launch coverage will be going off the air.

Anyhow, best wishes to everybody over at Game Head.
I did just hear back from the director over at Game Head, and he did say that the crew of the show are not going with Goeff Keighly to the new show in L.A. He's not really sure where everybody will end up, but that it sounds as if the network will use them on other projects in NYC.

He also mentioned a couple shows that he's pitching to the network, one of them being a Halo 3 Tournament series.

He's gonna keep me informed on that... :D
I can tell you why Gamehead didnt' survive. They just need to stop trying to make video games COOL and let it be nerdy like it really is.
Bummer :( The network I work for killed their gameshow too, can't say why right now since I'm at work. Most celebs aren't gamers either, so Ludacris, Bobby Valentino, Chim, and the NY Giants at a Halo 3 launch makes no sense to nerds, they don't even know who they are.
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