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Cool man, just awesome.

I'm glad to see these up as I missed recording them last night when I was at the launch party.
I'm a little disappointed that they cut most of Adams stuff out. The producer was saying how funny the footage that they shot of him and his girlfriend and him and Red. I was really looking forward to it. But yes Sean is a pimp. I wish I could have been there on one of those 15 consoles.
I uh.. macked it?

I'm very happy with the coverage that I recieved... and everybody else here as well. We're the pioneers of this field of costuming, following in Nightmare footsteps, and danm, it's about time somebody noticed!

I'd really like to see the intersticial clips that were aired during GoldenEye.... does anybody have them?

Some people taped it for me, but I still haven't seen them.. I heard from my Momzes that I was on one of those..
:ninja: "but by night, i make halo armour!"--WOOT! Sean ur cool, and why were people calling you a girl? i though you looked quite buff lol.

@blurealm- Basicaly what everyone else says lol, awsomeness (i declare you my god) :D
Again, you guys are like given +1s from everyone...I have to agree with Marty O' Donnell on the fact that Cortana in real life=not the greatest idea.
They cut out Adam? That sucks...From the way you said what you said Blue, it seems as thought someone might be contacting never know.
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