Gamescom 2017


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My fellow comrades,
I just started to wonder about GC this year, anyone going? Anybody going with armor? Meeting point/time?
To this point and because of the bad organization last year (with bad organization i mean the GC organizers) I'm not sure myself when or if I'll be there this year, it depends mostly on you, my fellow soldiers.
I hope I'm not double posting here, if I oversaw another GC thread I sincerely apologize, ask the admins to delete this one and be gentle with this humble soldier


Heh, it depends on GC's policy I guess. I was not really impressed in regards of how GC managed last years' con and from the feedback I've got directly from other visitors, I wasn't the only one. For me, the main problem with GC isn't so much the Prop ban (although, I disliked that too big time) but the fact you can't enter and leave the con within the same day to, for example, change from cosplay armour into regular clothes.

I'd probably go regardless as catching up with all the other people from 405th is always a blast and I'm really looking forward seeing what kind of improvements people made on their existing armours or how their new ones look like.
But would I go in armour ? Not decided yet. If there's an insane prop ban like last year ..... I'd be tempted to let the armour at home.


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I'm on the same boat kaween, I'm working as much as I can on my armour but I don't know if it'll be worth taking it to GC, and not having the chance to get in and out like you said is a big minus, time will tell.


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I know multiple people are going, but the organization is very messy. Don't know exactly who or when and which days in Halo. ^^"

But I'm going on Wednesday and Thursday as I forgot to buy the tickets and they got sold out. Unless they open last minunte tickets, which I doubt they will... this is when I'm going.
And not sure yet but most likely Thursday in costume as it'll be my first time on gamescom and I rather wanted to gather some intel and then go in costume. ;)