Gears of War Lancer Rifle (picture inside)

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A member over at another board that I frequent built a lancer rifle
from Gears of War and He gave me premission to post it
so what do you think
His next two projects are the two pistols from GOW

Spartan 648
Just Bought GoW war and it is a great game and that looks great too, thats prob my fav weapon in the game
I'm playing it a second time
trying to find all of the cog tags this time
Love the blood spatter when you use the chain saw bayonet
I bought the special edition disc set
and there was some great stuff on the second disc

Spartan 648
Looks sweet! Does the saw blade actually move? That'd be so cool if you
could get it to spin, and make the blades out of rubber or something soft.
Put in a little sound box with the chainsaw sound, and you could go up to
people and 'saw' them at conventions or whatever.

Great pic, tell your buddy to join up here. I bet he has a lot of useful
knowledge for the community.
Id like to see That full GoW suit, you doing the helmets too, or ganna stick to a bandana? I my self would just love a copy of the GoW helm.
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