GEN2 Scout/Palmer 2.0 build - EVA foam

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Finished building the knees. Now off to detailing the shins and knees so that's gonna be next update here.

Shins are finished. Damn it took quite lot of time to make all those details and make sure they are symmetrical on both sides.
Honestly happy with how they came out. Tried to make them as good as I could.
Also I filled few seams to get that seamless transition of it being a single piece so gotta wait for foam clay to dry to sand it down.
So it means tomorrow I'll be plastidipping it all. Then I can show more detailed pics as honestly it all looks quite messy right now.

I've finished the right shin pieces. Really happy how it came out with the paint chips and scratches. It's pretty much what I've been aiming for and big improvement compared to my paintjob on the first costume. Shows how much the armor has been used but it doesn't seem to be overdone but rather realistic damage caused from use.

Now off to finish the left main shin piece and can start building next pieces. Took bit longer due to me being more busy with other things.

Also can't wait to have all the armor parts finished so I can add darker gray details and red decals and make it all more dirty and worn it all to further bring out the details.

Not open for further replies.