General 405th Problems

Boba Fett

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You're calling yourself a "Good Noob", yet you tell us to grow some? You didn't even edit your posts. Trolling doesn't make you stronger. It only fills threads with garbarge.

I suggest that we limit on what areas the noobs can post in. Just look at the guy that posted above me.

Agreeing with Pony. Plus, the 405th can make whatever rules they darn please, and honestly, they can do whatever they want. Especially if this is a free site. Somehow, people seem to think they can do whatever they want ont eh internet... pretty sad, honestly.

Skullcandy Girl

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Well some of us are just mods, not admins. So as far as Me, Ruze and rundown go, we can't really impliment requests and makeover the forum, that's something Adam has to do. You guys also don't know our side of the story and it's not worth even getting into.

Here's how I have seen the prop world for a couple years:
Greed is the #1 cause of b.s. on these sites.
People are jealous of what others have, so they spaz out and start fights.... yay...
People want what they want, when they want it, and when it doesn't happen they spaz out. They don't want to do the work... kinda defeats the purpose.
It's either an "organized" club where you have to meet someone else's approval and get caught up in nerd political drama
It's a free for all and you get everyone snapping at each other

There's really no way to fix this. I am sorry some of you are having a hard time with douchey members. We are no a dictatorship, we either set up strict "member" guidelines where may 5% of the people on here could actually belong and be called "Elitist Douchebags", or keep it open to everyone. We try to set up limitations for "noobs" but they keep trying to cheat. We're doing the best we can, when we can.

FYI I am the woman in the Indy Mogul video. I have kids and Adults who contact me with their hands out practically saying "Give Me". I don't bite their heads off, but it's pretty insulting. You watch a DO IT YOURSELF video and you come asking me to make it for you... I also say this and it's not meant in a mean tone, if 405th is so awful, make your own forum and set up your own rules.

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