ghost of onyx

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One of my favorite books of all time, and I've read a pretty decent amount of books.
all the books are hawt ive read them all like 3 times anouther good book though thats pretty awsome is a sweet book called Altered Carbon should try to read it when you can

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k, few things bout this book, SPOILERS BELOW.

1. why wasn't master chief in it, i loved the book, but needs more of our fav

2. why did like everyone die, i was hella pissed that kurt died, i was like wat the ****, and all the other people kept dying trying to save eachother

3. eric nylund is the greatest halo book writer ever, first strike, fall of reach and goO were all fantastic better then the flood, book, written by the other noob, and i dunno how i'm gonna like another halo book without eric as the author,

4. My fav part of goO was definately where (i think i was Will or James or sumthin, but i can remember) jumps down to save that one SIII and he takes on two hunters with his hands, like he punches em in the stomach and stuff, that totally has to be in the movie, somehting like that
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I have all 4 books and have read them multiple,multiple,multiple times...

I like them all and am looking forward to Contact Harvest.

I have read the Graphic Novel a bunch.

If you are broke and want to read the books, just go to you local library...

Look around and if they don't have it...Request it at the Library or online...well at least my county has an online site where you can reserve and request books.


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I loved the book but I hadn't heard about Contact Harvest until now, thanks for the info. :hyper: But back on topic, it was and will always be a great book.


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Please don't bump old topics, especially for such a pointless post.

Please don't be lazy... Google is your friend...


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