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I want to make a highly accurate, strong armor suit. I've been doing a ton of researching lately and have come across a ton of information, but I'm still seeking some. I know i'm going to have a ton of questions, but they'll come in due time. Right now I just need some recommendations.

What did you use for an undersuit?
I found a thread containing this link:

For the glass lenses, I'm pretty sure I know how to do that one, thanks to a wonderful tutorial on here.

What did you use to keep the armor on the undersuit?
I've seen everything from snap-on buttons, to velcrow, to straps. I can get any of those, plus any you may recommend.

How strong is your typical suit?
I want it to be strong enough to be able to roll around and do small things like that. I can mod the suit to allow me to have these motions, but I just need to know how strong it is. I already have fiberglass resin, and apparently this would be the best way to go (correct me if I am wrong).

What did you use to MAKE the suit?
I've seen creations from papakura(sp?), matboard (I already have some matboard), and clay. Again, I can get access to any of them. Then either they were just painted, or covered in bondo or fiberglass resin. Which would be worth-while to me?

What about shoes?
I've seen people use army-style boots, etc. What would probably be the best for the boots?

I hope I havn't overwhelmed anyone. I want to try to finish this by April (Seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands), and if even remotely possible, by Christmas.. It would be a gift to myself :) To give back to the community, I plan on taking pictures from start to finish on what I did to create my armor, and hopefully eventually make some of my own tutorials on how I did certain things.

Thanks again for any future responses. I plan on going all the way with this, and not do some ****ty job at it. I wanted it detailed, and strong. I also plan on using this in some of the large Airsoft events. If it can take me rolling around and stuff, it will be able to handle that sport with a breeze. Thanks!

The whole rolling around thing will be tricky I think. Youll need to find a material that is flexible, but will repel whatever you throw at it, ya know, short of bullets. Youll also have to take creative liscene to make the suit more, accoustumed to the range of movements that the human body does. The suit from the the game simply wont. Shorter shoulders, shorter top half of the calves, a little more room between the bottom of the calf and the top of the boot. Stuff like that.

Good luck!
Well when I say rolling around, I mean just a range of movements. I doubt i'll actually be "rolling" around with it. Would the matboard/fiberglass resin be durable enough to take a bit of damage? Like, If I fell, would it crack or break?
Depends. If you layer enough fiberglass it shouldnt break. But with only a layer or two if you happen to fall and hit a rock, youd save your back, or head or whatever, but youd break the armor piece. You sound like you have a bit more to spend on this suit than most on this board, so Im suggesting that if you want it for airsoft, then you might consider kevlar.

Motocross armor would be ideal for the undersuit along with some black under armor pieces, or any subsequent knock off.
Motocross armor would work? How would I put the armor ON the motocross armor?

Also, I can layer the fiberglass.. a lot. I can most likely take this approach. I also have the fiberglass matting (the crossweaved one.. the name of it escapes my mine), so that will help with strength a lot. If it does crack, I can always repair it, right?
Im not 100% sure about repairing it. Ill ask my dad a little later. He knows a bit more about repair work than i do. But yeah, you could use the moto armor to build off of. Then you know it would fit and the strapping would allready be built in. Some people have used moto armor for undersuits so I was just passing along what others have done.
If you can get the suit in smaller pieces it would lend itself better to using it as a base model. And for the record, Im sanding and priming my suit all this week. I stayed late at work 3 hours yesterday, then spend another 2 on my helmet at home. I slush casted mine though.
Well, its defineatley heavier than fiberglass would be. Im sure it could stand up to airsoft, and probably paintball, but I havnt tried it yet :p Its just a Urethene Plastic, two part mix at a 1:1 ratio that sets in about 5 minutes.
Hmm.. I may want to look into your method instead of the fiberglass. How did you get your basic structure of how it would look like?

Basically, I'm asking how Adam's suit of armor was made. I'd love to make it look like that. Even if I couldn't play around in it, i guess that would be fine. I can always go back and make another suited for that. I'm mainly going to make this one for Conventions and around town at small/large events.
Any pointers before I start? Personal pointers, that is. I've read all the stickies and I am pretty comfortable on where to start, and how to start. I'll post pics if I can with my progress as I get there. I plan on starting next week, because this week I have to set up my airsoft store for a big game up in nashville, TN. It will probably be Mon-Wed until I can start.
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