Good Day All


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Oh hey, welcome to the fold good sir.

To all those out there in internet land, Natoba is my best friend and CplYapFlip, PerniciousDuke and ArcSol finally wore him down enough to become ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Tally up one more for the Canadian Regiment and Delta Battalion.
You make it sound that we are some evil organization, brain wa....
Good to have you aboard.


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Please never use this phrase again.
Is there a different name for the place where we surgically insert real noodles that may or may not have telepathic capabilities into member's brains to effectively perma noodle with a side of mind co... I don't think I'm supposed to be talking about this.


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Hey Natoba....there is still time to run!!!!!! Run far and run FAST!!!!!!! You should be able to outrun PaiganBoi w/o a problem......short legs. PerniciousDuke isn't a fast runner either.......Sean Anwalt is ....well ......(shoulder shrug)...... Sean.........TurboCharizard has the ugly strange weirdo factor so he is just more of as mild danger/'s FANGS that you have to watch out for.......Her range is WORLD WIDE!!!!! Noodle strikes are equivalent to a tactical nuke....