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is westerfield helmets r good?.. like good price, gold visor that no one can see ur face, good shipping, etc... and r the armor is good? for the chest and back

good to buy?

anyone had or have their helmetS and armor?????
I ordered a helmet. I havent had it but it looks good. The shipping is long. I ordere it a day before halloween and just got charged for it. I suspect that means it shipped. It looks good but the instructions on how to make it are not as helpful as many would like them to be. Ill keep you posted on what i think when i get it in.

(P.S. dont use txt slang. Even though i txt alot its not what every one can understand) :cool:
I had a full set at one time.

They are ABS so much lighter stuff than cast resin, at first you'll think it's too light for armor. It is very flexible. Due to that fact so you might want to back it with some fiberglass for a more rigid feel.

You will also need to custom pad it like nightmare armor.

Since their visor is gold-painted vacuuformed (one reason they can provide complete helms at such affordable prices) it looks nice but for the top of the line look you might want to replace it with a custom-made double visor. (see chewdog's armor)

Edit: Even if people do understand text talk, the reader still feels as if you didn't care to put enough time into your post that you really care that much about the answer.
Do you still have it Sigma-LS? Did you like it? Where is the best place for padding? i got a kit so it came with a clear visor do you know how to make it see through from one side and not the other. Please tell me if you know what paint technique you used to do it.

(P.S. Does any one know the current most accurate color for MC?)
well i just get a painted helmet with lights and armor of the chest and back in the FUTURE ... and do cardboard of the rest.. i dont wanna do repaint thingy or anything to it cuz dont wanna spent money and stuff.. and make a energy sword. WIP on sword..
I'd say bad compared to what you can make from pepakura, the visor westf. uses are gold painted, you can barley see out of them, my helmet uses a more chiefy looking visor and I can see out of it perfectly, no one can see in, their helmet with detail though is ok, it isnt bad in detail.
and i seen their website that only the master chief armors are small pics but the helmets are big pics..???

seen on their myspace pics.. got one pic saying new gold visor..
If you look at their yahoo gallery up close, alot of detail that should be sharp is rounded or not included, westerfields is good for cheap 700 dollar armor, but if you have say 1000-2000 dollars, you can find better suits off ebay or briars. Briar's armor is good in detail, but pricing I'm not sure.
how big r westerfield helmets anyways?

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(P.S. dont use txt slang. Even though i txt alot its not what every one can understand) :cool:

... i cant stop txt slang .. it faster and i use it for Chat alot i dont help it XD
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