GOW 3 Release Night - The Aftermath

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So. One work day Plus a visit from a fellow 405th who dropped off some shins/belt for me to use and one long night later... here we are.

First off wanna say thanks to spartan-847-david for his work on the shins and belt. I ran outta time and money and supplies and he came through in a pinch to get me a more 'full suit' to wear out to release night.

Sadly the belt didn't make it. First stop - some ass decides to smack the belt pouches as hard as he can and breaks 1 or 2 off. So I ended up takin it off and throwin it in the back of my truck.

At the final stop my ankles had had it (stop 4 in this case) with the shins too lol, no padding inside ( I forgot to bring scraps doh!) and they were chaffin something fierce, so they got tossed in the back as well.

Finally get my Retro Lancer and... put it together right in front of the line of people.... 'some assembly required" meant you had to slide the blade to the bayonette in place. Un fortunately we bought the wrong batteries so I didn't get to hear the sound effects until later... but I was stoked.

Until I got the batteries that is... the sound effect is horrid... it actually makes me want to sell the retro lancer right "now". (PM me if your interested btw) the sound isn't a 'gun firing' so much as it sounds like a little motor with a piece of thick plastice on the end, that slaps up against other plastic to make a "firing" noise. Rotating the gun and firing can produce slightly different sounds.

Anyway, I will have pictures later, but I wanted others to post their release nights and see all what happened.

I ended up with the GOW3 pre-order count down clock, large banner poster, Tritton 7.1 surround sound headset (GOW3 of course) the retro lancer and the GOW3 Console.

What a night.

Woot update:

Beat it. Amazing story.. anxious to play through again!
This time, COOP!


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I got the Limited Edition,Replica Lancer,go commando bumper sticker and won a Poster from the trivia games.
Yeah the replica sounds like a drunk woodpecker but the possibilities to mod it is big.
When I have time Im going tweak with the motor a bit to make sound more realistic or put a sound effect card in like this guy:

It's a really nice replica but I agree with the sound effects...for $99 bucks they could've added a sound card compared to the FX light sabers with a game wave file or something like it. I didn't get to reserve a Retro Lancer but called a couple of local Gamestop stores last Friday and none of them have it in stock but one store put me on standby. So fortunately, Gamestop called me and I got my Retro Lancer on Monday coz a guy who reserved it didn't pick it up and Gamestop couldn't get a hold of him for two weeks so they sold it to me. Thanks for the link to the RPF thread on how to mod the lancer...it will come in handy someday!

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