Disability/Accessibility in the Community


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Hey, y'all! I wanted to start this thread for any fellow disabled folk who wanted to share some tips for engaging with the cosplay hobby and community. Building armour and going to cons are physically and mentally demanding tasks, especially for those of us with disabilities in those areas. Feel free to share any tips or ideas you have for making the hobby more accessible!

For example, I frequently struggle with staying motivated and on task due to my ADHD. In order to help myself go through with a project, I create a detailed plan and give myself a general timeframe so that I conceptualize my end goal better. I also make sure to take frequent breaks to prevent burnout, which can easily result from hyperfocus.
Love this idea!
I had a lil incident a year and a half ago that resulted in having limited mobility in my right ankle. As a way to help counter this I've used clamshell shin pieces and opening thighs for suiting up. Using a combo of velcro, magnets, and straps, it helps me slide my leg through the armor piece without worrying about shimmying it in at an uncomfortable angle.
I'm not disabled in any way, but I do love having an app on my phone/desktop called Cosgear Planner that allows me to list every thing about what I need to do. From every step, detailing any costs, give time frames, etc... It lets me plan out exactly what I need to do. (I can be as brief or in depth. I can add links to pretty much every task. I can add notes like if I want to remember that I need to mix paint at 2:1 of colour A to B.) I can load in reference photos and include pictures of my progress. Plus even an events section which has spots for photos of when I'm at the event itself. So this way if I want to show stuff off later it's all basically in one app.

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