Gray Fox (MGS) WIP

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Actually, I don't know that it would necessarily have to be epoxy... there seem to be other versions, as well.

I've seen some of these (Castin' Craft and Easy Cast) at my local craft stores, and I've also seen the dyes for them. One of the stores had a sample cast tinted with a light green and, other than being full of bubbles, it was pretty clear, and seemed like it might work.
Early bondo work


Magnets! I figured they were my best bet because when the helmet opens the piece hang from the outside so I had to have something that could stick with out being shown when the helmet was closed.


Don't worry I'm going over the green...


I need more magnets.. used them all so the top isn't connected all the way yet.

which is also why it is crooked

but I can finally see out of it thanks to the padding!


I'll be going over the cracks from behind with more bondo so when its closed you will only see white

So I was wearing the appropriate shirt and have made enough progress I thought I would update. I have been busy with school but hope to stay on track, I have a ton more work to do.

Hahaha side note I saw the ODST tux shirt tonight, may have to make a Gray Fox one if I finish my helmet in time for halloween! I have started looking at how I will do the full body suit. Right now I'm thinking of doing it like Omi did hers... but with more padding for muscles and maybe adding a coat of latex or some kind of rubber... I don't know something to make it look more like rubber less like spandex.
That is looking great man, knew it would though! My suggestion for the bodysuit is to buy a padded muscle suit (a Mr. Incredible one will work well enough) and coat it in liquid latex, defining the muscles you want enlarged with cotton wool clumps, then latexing over those again. It's how people on the HuntersLair make budget Predator suits. Keep us updated as you go with the suit!
Not open for further replies.