Greetings to the comunity

Rei 0793

New Member
Greetings, I just recently joined this forum, several years ago, approx 5, I used to see this forum without being a member, but now I decided to join, I have been cosplaying since 2014 and I currently have a 3D printer where I intend to make my first armor I wish with great enthusiasm to receive help and advice to make my armor successfully.

Im From Mexico

saludos, acabo de integrarme recientemente a este foro, desde varios años atras, aprox 5, veia este foro sin ser miembro, pero actualmente decidi formar parte, tengo desde 2014 en el cosplay y actualmente cuento con una impresora 3D donde pretendo realizar mi primera armadura, deseo con mucho entuciasmo recibir ayuda y consejos para realizar mi armadura con exito.
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