Grif's Agent Washington MK VI


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Hiya! im new and i kinda suck with computers and i cant find the pep files that you used. could you by possibility give me a link or something? if so that would be awesome! You did such an amazing job! this is definetly the best washington cosplay i have seen yet!


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Hey try to refrain from Necro-ing old threads. Just make sure you check the date of the last post from the OP before you create a reponse.


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DustyDaDemonCat, check the file archive first, you can find almost everything there, and if it isn't check the 3d modeling subforum. Look for MK IV MJOLNIR, I'm guessing it should be the Halo 3 HD model. Make sure to look at plenty of tutorials on scaling, pepping, and fitting your armor, and make sure you have everything planned to reinforce it.
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