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Hey guys! So, I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the new helmets and armour for halo infinite, but man, the Mk VII really hits the spot for me. Nails the OG halo vibe I love so much, and when I found out it was designed by Isaac Hannaford (The concept artist that designed the armour from H3 and Reach) I knew I had to build one.

3 years and two (FDM) printers later and I finally got around to printing all the parts!


I used MAXQDREE's files which are available here: Halo Infinite Spartan Mark 7 Helmet
They're great files, and a very good likeness to the ingame model.

I had to split the brim and main section to fit on my Bambu A1's 256³ buildplate, and experienced a little warping there on the really thin parts which I'll need to fill in.
I also had issues with the overhangs, they printed pretty bad on both my ender 5 plus and bambu a1, with a variety of speeds and support types, but the other areas/angles printed beautifully.

I decided to trim away the neck seal and widen the hole slightly to fit my head inside. I had originally considered magnetising the front plate but the area that is too tight is on the base part, just something to bare in mind if you print this file for yourself and like me, like a to avoid the bobblehead look/like a snug fit for your buckets. There's a little bit of spare space now and I can fit my head through, I plan to create a new neck seal from faux leather and attach that to the inside.



I've started sanding and filling, I've been using 'abs like' printer resin to help fill the layer lines and mixing it with baby powder (corn-starch) to create a thicker version to fill holes. I've also used this mixture on the interior for added strength,
I love how it doesn't set until I wave a UV lamp over it, it means practically unlimited working time, and the base viscosity means that after brushing a bit on, it'll smooth itself out and fill in any small gaps. Last time I finished something like this was years and years ago and I was using stinky bondo which was so messy and a pain to use by comparison.


I'm gonna work on sanding these all down until I can't spot any layer lines and then Join the parts and fill any gaps, and then I just have to decide what colour to paint it, I'm thinking one of these colour combos below:

Nice helmet!

I may be a bit biased towards red team, but that red paint job would look pretty sick!
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