H5 Plasma Cannon


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Building this for my Robert-025. Finished the unfold a couple months ago, but just got the foam for it. Im gonna update this thread sometimes, but Ill post way more updates in my Instagram stories (@smelms). I plan to post my unfolds after I finish the prop and costume.

I had to split the file into 8 parts because pep kept crashing and losing all my work. Not just unsaved work. It would make the entire file unusable. I could have solved that with multiple saves, but I split it instead so I could work without loading the entire gun at once. An unintended benefit of this was that the new faces could be used as support pieces to hold the shape.



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Interestingly enough, the paint job makes it look like different colored play-dough....:D

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By the gods, that thing is MASSIVE! :eek: Looked smaller in the wip pictures.

Bravo sir' very well done (y)