half done with my ma5c

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i started yesterday on my rifle, i bought some tape and big old pieces of poster board (not the thick stuff, the card stock kind) I got 4 poster boards and 3 rolls of tape, so i spent $6.76 total. I made the inside very solid so it wouldn't bend or anything when i held it. I have to say that this is just a rough draft project so i know how mush styrene to order. I haven't checked these forums for and weapons made out of styrene plastic, but that is what i plan to do, and then mold parts in silicone. here's some pics:













That's all so far (I have more stuff on it, my camera is dead) I'll post a part 2 when I am done, peace-
nah, when i'm done it's just going to be a reference of how mush styrene I need to order. Then I'll mold the stryene parts for a ma5c kit, peace-
Wow. That looks really good. I like our technique with all the inner support beams. I am just wondering, won't it seem a little square when it is done? Or are you going to add more onto it to make it more rounded?
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