Halloween 2.0. A Halo 3 marine in less than a month?


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Shotgun!?!?! Really?.......Shotgun in a 1 person suit? Dude........I don't think that is physically possible......


The Party went about as well as I expected. The Bluetooth headset I stuffed in the helmet came in handy.

I spent the day mostly playing Star Wars: Podracer, Tetris, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time. :)

The Knife sheath was initiated by the costume but it's mostly just for me. Next time I go camping I’ll have a nice functional sheath.

Dirtdives, you're colonial, anything good going on? I would be more interested in costuming for charity if that's a thing that happens. I would one day like to join the Mandalorian Mercs, But the approval team has revoked my creative privileges and that just doesn't fly with me. I may hold on to this armor for the next few months before I start my next big halo armor build, that one I plan on keeping as a display piece at the very least. If I keep the marine armor until I have the next one done I won't be caught without an adequate costume for....whatever rare events require one...I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Not the best pictures, but the family fireplace is a traditional location for costume pictures since I was little.




I'm Deformed! Well, That's what wearing a costume for over twelve hours straight will do to you I guess. I'll have some more detailed shots of the armor as well as some dimensions later this week, I left it at my parents place. To anyone interested in purchasing it, Don't get your hopes up, I am really tiny...no room to ride shotgun. ;)

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REDSTAR42, you actually look pretty bad-ass!!!!..........Despite the forearm deformity. Glad to hear the party was fun. Well I should say I'm glad you had fun playing games while the party was going on.......

I haven't heard of any charity events going on.....but that is something I wouldn't mind doing......I personally don't have a charity that I focus on but I have run in several Tough Muddres and made donations to the Wounded Warriors Project.


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Don't get your hopes up, I am really tiny...no room to ride shotgun. ;)
I take that as a challenge.

The costume turned out awesome, for the next one I'll introduce you to velcro and elastic nylon so that you don't get into that same deformed level. That looks like a mix of swamp arm from being in a foam suit that doesn't breathe for a long time and a bit of cut off circulation. We don't want you losing your arms, they make some pretty clean foam pieces.


I played games on my friday off. I spent most of my time at the party listening to music and spacing out, thinking about future projects.

All the straps are elastic nylon with buckles and there is some velcro as well. On my next Halo project I’ll introduce everyone to self locating mechanical locks. ; )

Here it all is.

The helmets visor is made from a motorcycle face sheild.

The helmet includes a functioning bluetooth headset capable of playing music and making phone calls. The micro USB charging port is routed to the exterior of the helmet and sits behind the left ear. My heads circumference is roughly 21.5 inches and the helmet fits me perfectly, I would not recomend it for anyone with a larger head.


The two straps on the top of the chest piece are adjustable.


The shoulders and abdomen plate are adheared to a mens small t-shirt.

The stickers on the shoulder are accurate to my allergies, my blood type, and my name. I could modify it to match whoever purchases it.





The approximate circumference of the bottom of the chestpiece is 31 inches.

I’m thinking of maybe auctioning it off. That way anyone who wants it can try to get it. I’d feel kind of bad if it was first come first serve. I’ll try to figure out a starting price once I learn more about auctions and run the numbers on the materials cost.

-Salmon three days in a row can’t be bad for you....right?


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One big person alone will be squishy........but was thinking about for someone else. Auction away!!!