Halo 2 CTF Front page on HBO


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I didn't film that day I was at paintball. lol. But yeah thanks! I'm uploading a new one now... I did something dumb lol.


Yeah, the armor was loose. I wasn't wearing a vest with it. Had I known HOW loose it was, I mighta' tried to do something about it, but you know how everyone is.. "ohh.. it looks FINE.. just go on.. get out there!"

The worst bit was the crotch hanging too low.. it throws off the whole thing and made me look chunky as hell because the black BDU's I wore were also a little big.

We're at least considering doing like a monthly thing with this, but honestly, we consider quite a bit about quite a few things. ;) . The storyline on this one changed due to being short one actor, (otherwise I'd have had my camo armor in there too) so it was done on the fly and a little bit of the on-the-fly story was lost because the editor had no storyboard to work from.

Great editing! dunno' the guy that did it, but he did great with what he had.
The credits are as long as the film though..

Anyways.. yeah, it was fun :)
yes, very awesome. I'd get rid of the background noise, and redo it. The plastic sounds should be changed to.... metal sounds, and crunching of footsteps...

But I love this stuff. Wish people would make more of it.

LOL I'm still enjoying "Nuzzle Flash"... sounds like a snugglin' disease. :mrgreen:

It's a good video, but could still use some polish here and there. Definately better than anything that G4 has done with your armor..

Hope to see more from you in the future!
tell me about your next video and i can help.
i'm good at making/editing videos. :)

good luck on future videos.
I think it's done from a negative mold made from the German Halo 2 Master Chief sculpture.....

Or it's Vacuum formed from the same.
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