Halo 3 AIE-486H Build

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Gaming Sentry, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I am making the AIE-486H aka the turret from Halo 3 and I was wondering If any one had references to it like blueprints and 3D models I am planig to make it with the tripod while still being detachable using alumum pvc pipes and 3D printing
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    Heyo. The pepakura file for the turret is in the armory, which can be found right here: Halo 3 - UNSC Weapons Not sure how acquainted you are with pepakura, but there are tutorials on here if you need them.
    If you're looking for ideas or just need to do some brainstorming, I've got a thread on how I made my detachable turret here: Halo 3 detachable turret
    Good luck bud :)
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    I would recommend not building the barrels out of paper, though. You will get much better results with PVC or metal piping. Paper is....a disaster to do barrels out of.
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