Halo 3 avaliable in 3 types

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Halo 3 will be avaliabe in three ways

Regular: a normal Halo 3 game

collectores edition: game and probalble with a dvd

and Lengendary: game with a Halo Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI Helmet Replica!* Also includes three bonus discs that contain:
Behind-the-scenes at Bungie Studios with new insights into the Halo Universe and the making of Halo 3.
A special hi-res collection of all cinematics from Halo 1 and Halo 2 with director commentary from the Bungie Team bonus
Community content from Red vs. Blue, This Spartan Life and Exclusive Gamer Tiles & a Theme
Not life-size.

any info avalable make a post! thanks
Halo 3 Standard Edition : $59.99

Halo 3 Collectors Edition: $69.99

Halo 3 Legendary Edition w/ Mini Helmet: $99.99

Also if there is an EB Games near you they are taking reservations at the
stores now. A friend of mine surprised me the other day by telling me he
just bought Halo 3....he just prepaid for it, on a reservation..

Go get your reservation while they're still available.

Also you can order them through EBGames.com
just letting everybody know that if you ever reserve it go through gamestop, not only is it because i work there, but in my experience they arent as informant as we are. guess im just promoting myself lol :dance:
not that we all didn't know this already but gamestop, eb games, and now even rhino games.... are all the same company.

One Giant company so many names.

Software Etc.
Eb Games
Rhino Games
Movie Stop
Barnes and Noble

Point Being if you reserve from gamestop (us) your pretty much gonna get it.
I'm definately going to pre-order the Legendary edition, through Toys R Us, though, because EB games and GameStop have been taking pre orders for a while now, and I figure I'll have much less of a chance, even if I do camp out (which I will). Toys R Us (at least mine, anyways) only takes preorders once a release date is given (because I guess 2007 isn't specific enough for them). So once a release date is given (even though it will inevitably be changed), I'll go pre-order it. :dee:
well that's not actually true. This month we did a midnight open for W.O.W. -B.C. and we had 250 come pick theirs up. But we still had enough to cover all preorders. BTW all preorders are held for 48hrs before sold to walk- up. And I have never had a problem with filling reserve game orders at my Gamestop.
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