Halo 3 Brute Shot foam build

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one of my first weapon builds. what do you guys think? im open for suggestions and positive criticism :) by the way this is a friend of mine not me 1459693211388.jpg1459693201502.jpg1459693188950.jpg1459693149024.jpg
Looks pretty darn good to me! ^_^ Might be just me, but it looks like it could maybe be bigger, but you did a really great job on it. :)
here are some progress pics. i only have it before i painted. I used insulation foam to build this commission, inspired by DaFrontlineTrooper's techniques


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That thing looks sick! Very nicely done. I'm Getting very interested at trying my hand at some prop work myself, so this is very nice to see.
This looks awesome! i dont think ive ever seen one of these done before! definitely a great choice tho. what type of foam is it made of?
*ahem* You mean the Grifshot right? haha.
That looks incredible. I can't imagine how long it too to get all those curves and details just right.
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