Halo 3 cardboard weapon set

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Dr Pepper 6pk said:
lol good eye, yea I play Warhammer 40k, with a Space Marine army

Yeah! Ultramarines FTW! the 'Eavy metel team offerd me a job...but i turned it down :(
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Nice job. Its amazing what people are doing with paper and cardboard these days.

PS: I love how you have just one can of V8 in the background compared to like 10 cans of Mountain dew gamer fuel. lol
nice im gonna make the same thing of the ma5c with cardboard. but im a newb i dont think its gonna turn out well.
man i wish i could go to midnight launch, cause i would so totally bring em with me, but ive got a Calc and Physics test to study for :cry:
i made an MA5C outa cardboard... it looks uncannily like urs... weird. urs just has a magazine and mine doesnt... i should do that
actually pistol is about the right size, remember its supposed to be a MAGNUM not just a regular handgun, its like a desert eagle in 2552
Yay, cardboard and duct tape/gaff tape pwns again! nice job on the pistol. I made a hardcore looking ninja costume out of cardboard and black duct tape once. Gonna try some Halo 3 weapons/Mjolnir armor soon.
Did you ever see a Marine wield a pistol?

yea ive seen a marine weild a pistol in the first one where the guy was like "your not goign 2 turn me into a freakey moster" or somethign liek that and he shoots you its the lvel "flood" in halo combat evolved
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hi. I am making a halo costume :D and I only have wood/cardboard to work with because I do not want to try the whole plastics stuff. I would like to know if you could give me some tips, and also how you made your guns. I have a clay M6D that I got on eBay, but I need to make an AR. Should I use cardboard or wood? And where can I find a template/plans?

Dr Pepper 6pk said:
I know these arent exactly great looking, but i did what i could with duct tape, insulation tape and cardboard. I also tried to model them by the exact scale but i dunno how that turned out. Enjoy!




Now my M6G, its surprising how its really REALLY big (like the actually weapon in the game)




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