Halo 3 Concept Case

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We all know what legendary is ganna be but what about the other editions, I reserved Legendary but i found this concept art for the special edition some where. Any one see any concepts for the Basic?
thats fake concept art. for many reasons but the most noticable is the "3" on the disc is wrong. :Steve:

i still like and think it is possible for bungie to do the metal case again. prolly wont have 3 editions though

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well yes to it's fake but when i was it just seems like a possible thing for them to make the case like H2, in my opinion but all in all, Ive got legendary. :happy1:
Yeah... That's total bull crap. It's way to flat looking to be anywhere near real, and as someone above me stated, the 3 on the disk is wrong. every picture of master chief on their was taken from the trailer, the blue effect on the back is probably just a duotone. It isn't even original, It's nearly identical to the halo 2 LCE.
ok im a gfx designer and that is totally fake

the place where it looks like indentations is made in ps

its a fake


but fake
lol this seems like a large repeat theard now, let me put this simple like i was trying to

-Its 100% fake.

-but the concept (Some thing like the picture above) of it seems possible for the Special edition of H3 like H2.

i heard that it will include all three games, then i heard that it will have a making of..so i dont know
not quite; the Legendary edition has 4 disks- theres the game, the behind the scenes/making of (the usual bonus disk that comes with LCEs), then theres the disk containing all of the cutscenes from all 3 Halos in HD, then theres a disk all about fan-made spin-offs (Red vs Blue, This spartan Life, etc).
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