Halo 3 Finish The Whopper? *WTF* With Ads.

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Halo 3 bk add

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Moutain dew, Doritos bag and slurpee cup


Halo 3 Zune


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As the iconic Master Chief celebrates his ultimate, doubtless bittersweet victory over the Covenant he'll be raising up that visor to reveal... an extreme thirst for Mountain Dew!... right before riding off into the sunset on his Pontiac approved Halo 3 G6 GXP Warthog.
As of right now, Halo 3 has officially clinched the title of most ardently desired game in history by somehow pre-selling a ridiculous one million copies almost two months before its scheduled launch on September 25th. This fact alone doesn't make it the most pre-ordered game in history, though; that honor is still held by grandpappy Halo 2, who managed to rack up more than 1.5 million pre-orders (and net Microsoft $125 million) come launch day. Still, Halo 3 seems well on its way to surpassing its predecessor and the folks and Microsoft couldn't be happier.

"The excitement for Halo 3 is incredible," adds Jill Hamburger, vice president of movies and games at Best Buy. "From our preorders online and the buzz we're hearing in our stores, we know this release is going to be one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. We're thrilled to be able to bring it to our customers."

Excitement is apparently running so high at the pre-order counter that the Halo 3 Legendary Edition (the one with the plastic helmet) may actually be completely sold out come launch day. On September 25th, expect to see the chief's face (visor?) on every mass market product in town.

Mountain Dew for example will be hailing the Chief through the world's first "co-branded beverage" -- also known as Mountain Dew Game Fuel. Arbiter and grunt alike will doubtless be enjoying its "invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor" and "added caffeine for maximum intensity" as they mow down those pesky Spartans. Did we mention the collectible cans?

Not to be outdone, Pontiac is hopping on board through a series of 'gamers garage' events which will offer fans a chance to play the game pre-release as well as the opportunity to win a limited-edition Halo 3 G6 GXP street car.

There's plenty more -- everything from Halo 3 Doritos bags to exciting Burger King Halo whopper packs complete with collectible plastic cups. Comcast will be broadcasting Halo 3 movies and machinima 'round the clock and 7-11 is even running a campaign that will put your voice into Halo Wars if you win. Yes folks, it's a media free-for-all here in Halo Land.

While the media circus is nothing new (we've seen this sort of thing happen with feature films all the time) the launch of Halo 3 will almost certainly mark video games' first real entry into that proverbial 'big time' of mainstream consumer culture. It was an inevitable conclusion, really -- right before Peter Moore left Microsoft he promised that the launch of Halo 3 would go down as the "biggest gaming event in history" and lo, the hype machine has delivered a whopper. So to speak.

One might have cause amidst all the sound and the fury to pause for a moment and reflect on what the Chief himself would make of all this. Most likely he would hoist that Spartan laser in his stoic way and stare enigmatically off into the distance before blasting an oncoming ghost to kingdom come. To the Chief, delicious flame-broiled hamburgers are a secondary concern.

slurpee cups come out sept. 1st.


Stop by your local 7-Eleven location to collect three limited-edition 3-D Slurpee cups, featuring Master Chief. These cups will be available in stores for a limited time starting September 1 and until supplies last. Fill these exclusive cups with the invigorating Mountain Dew Game Fuel Slurpee, only available at 7-Eleven.

Halo 3 Legendary Edition games
Halo 3 T-shirts exclusive to 7-Eleven
Halo 3 Wireless Controllers
Xbox 360™ Halo 3 Special Edition Console
Having H3-branded Doritos, Whoppers, Mountain Dew and Slurpee's would be the bomb.

They are all good products, but Halo added?


But that's my 50 cents.

Ironcobra3000 said:
eh.... I'm not a fan of Burger king. now if it was wendy's I would be jumping up and down like crraaazzzeeey!
Lol Rofl i hate all fast food but carls jr. that place owns!!!!!!!!
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microsoft is just raking in the dough.
RvB is doing ads for gamestop too

As Mr. Burns would say "Excelent"
Leading Spartan, would it be possible for you to post links to these articles that you're reposting rather than pasting up huge walls of text here?

It would save lots o' space.. thanks.
n00b1756283874756283984793 said:
I'm gonna get myself some GameFuel!
How do you remember that username lololol? Oh i got my self a slurpee yesterday and now i have been carriing the cup for 2 days. I love it.
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