HALO 3 FLIM was shot today at 6-10 am in LA!!!!!!!

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Scroll down till you see

HALO 3 GO FILMS F-207920 8/16-8/16
07:00-22:00 433 S Spring St. Interior dialogue. Prop weapons (no gunfire or special effects). Interior water-based smoke effects. All on property. Film La Monitor Required. 8/16/07, 6:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. n/a All vehicles must be parked legally. Matt Wersinger
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TheBlue said:
Maybe it's another short film?

Who knows?
UPDATE: It was HUGE movie trailers and all it was shot on the 7th floor and rumors that the Weta-Hog was there OMG PWNZOR!!!!!! :hyper: :lindsey: :christa: :heart: :wowie:
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sweet...but dont know for sure, they would not say its halo3 they would have a different name on there due to the fan base, they dont want alot of people down there.....i could be wrong
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