Halo 3 helmet opinions

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MARK VI - Very nice, Bungie did a nice job with the darker tone green, textures and the reflective visor. *****

ODST - Not one of my favorites, the worst thing about the helmet is the projected visors, the rest could have been better. *

Hayabusa - The rest of the armor (The shoulders and body) is spectacular, but the helmet could have been better, it's ashame you cant change the color of the front part of the helmet. ****

Scout - This helmet does not have any attraction to me. Honestly, it looks like a bird. *

Security - I just love how Bungie puts Marathon in Halo; I mean, why not? Its pretty nice looking armor, though no chest piece. The helmet even has a Marathon symbol on it :D *****

Recon - Looks pretty nice, though nobody can get it ( I think only Bungie employees) ****

Rogue - Looks awesome! But seems like a close relative to the Scout armor. ***

Mark V - So glad they brought back the Halo 1 armor! Just with a twist! Notice the helmet visor is slightly different. Thanks Bungie!! *****

CQB - Not much to say about this, it was amazing before that special Wednesday but, not that great anymore. Still nice armor! ****

EVA - The helmet looks like a big bug o_O. I personally don't like this helmet at all.. **

Katana Body - Why? Kitanas were used maybe 800 years before Master Chief's time. not in 2552, thats when we used Energy swords! **

Thats my opinion on the Halo 3 helmets/armor unlocks for Multiplayer, you want to have a look for yourself? Here's the link: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_Permutations
Bungie stated in their "Ultimate Q&A" that there were no Flaming Helmets. There is a symbol for them, though
Can/does any one have/make a pepakura file /helmate for the elite flight/pilot helmate? I like that one alot. To me its so sleek but easy to get its point.
Scout pwns Mark V.
EVA is pretty neat too.
And what about EOD?
Did you read the descriptions for each armor set as to why they were made??
Spartan-419 said:
Bungie stated in their "Ultimate Q&A" that there were no Flaming Helmets. There is a symbol for them, though
there is a video on the bungie Favorites with them and flaming heads....
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You forgot about the EOD helmet it looks kinda cool to me I like how it has small tiny eyes
This is my armor
Bungie employees can have a special type of helmet and make their heads flame. See:A flaming head with special armor

incidentally, does anyone know if there is a 3d model out there for either the marine pilots in Halo 2 with the large gold visors or ideally the navy bumblebee pilot in Halo 1, with the helmet with no glass visors and just some holes in it?
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