Halo 3 is turning into runescape..

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Remember when a player mod would come by? Everyone stormed him and wanted to be one too..

Same for that zezima dude..Anytime he actually goes somewhere people follow him like he's a god when hes actually the nerd king lol..

Ironicly enough Bungie is doing what JagEx did about the player mod runescape thing..

Bungie:Do good deeds, or make us laugh, and we might give you recon armor.

Jagex:Do good deeds, report offenses, and you may find that silver crown next to your name soon.

Its really stupid..
riiiiiiggghhhhhtt? two people got the recon armor, and it has to be something significant, something original, not a simple task like reporting offenses. Which all members of a community should do to ensure the prosperity of that community.
C'mon. It's not even like the recon armor looks that great anyway. I still think that the best master chief armor in Halo 3 is the original. MARK VI ALL THE WAY!!!
kanianreborn said:
He started out in ODST armor actually.
Maybe I need to re-read fall of reach, bu on his first mission, the Spartans bring along marine helmets, at least.
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Caboose is right, he started out in survival suits with the standard marine helm. Go read about their first missions against the rebel faction. But their first actual MJOLNIR armor was the MKV.

Anyhow I don't see it at Halo 3 turning into Runescape, Bungie's just using the Recon armor as a reward.
Look on the bright side. We'll have so many people trying to kill themselves in funny ways to make Bungie chuckle, that we'll be able to easily pull off the overkill achievement.
At least it's not like World of Warcraft. On Halo 3, when someone calls you a noob, you can at least shoot them... not the case in WoW... >_<
thisismadness2 said:
i like runescape...and i like halo 3 if u have ne thing u will give me on runescape u can pm me :)

I had a level 80 account that I would run around telling the people who had just joined to stop playing and enjoy life without runescape..most of them just asked me for crap though..lol.
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Chemical.Reaper said:
^ That might have been me asking, GruntOfAction lol

lol my name was still about the same as mine now..Gruntoaction..Couldn't fit the F because of name size..lol.
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Spartanspork said:
I'll take that account off your hands...

You would..lol..

Last I left it I was shouting my Password out loud and quit the game..lol.

Not even sure if its still there..Maybe..for a trade I could give you it :p
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