Halo 3 Limited Legendary Edition "case"

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I reserved Legendary but i wonder with H3 being the end to a epic series i wonder if its going to be like a ps3 scene at the mall.(gets bat rdy)


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ReheatedHeroics said:
Deadguy said:
I am SOooo making a helmet for my cat now.. :)

My pet's been kicking covie butt for years now...


I am SOooo buying a chincilla right now.. :)
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ReheatedHeroics said:
That's no cat, it's a chinchilla.
Kinda like a kangaroo + Rabbit + Squirrel. Weird animals, and proud to own 2!

do you have pics of them?
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falcon NL

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On the dutch forums that i most of the time viste, there is this theory:

3. Halo 3: Legendary Edition
Prijs: $129,99
Inhoud: De Spartan Mjolnir helm
Bonus Disc 1
Bonus Disc 2
Halo 3 storyboard art van Lee Wilson
Halo 3

Bonus disc 1: exclusive behind-the-scenes "Making of" footage and videos; also includes a high-def audio-visual calibration tool to tune your home entertainment set for maximum Halo
Bonus disc 2: completely remastered cinematic material from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, with developer commentaries, to provide the backstory to Halo 3; "A Day in the Life of Bungie"; and "Red vs. Blue" and "This Spartan Life" exclusive content

The most of us think there will be a remake of Halo, better grafics and maybe even a online option. Then these photo's from the zune showed up...


so the question is: what do you guys think?


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I'm sure it isn't a new version of halo, probably just redid the cinematics in CG or something.

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I'm think that you couldn't put it on even if it was Master Chief size. From a picture of the helmet I saw (no link, sorry), the opening in the bottom is just enough for the DVDs. just saying. You might be able to mud away at it and remove the extra plastic in order to put it on your head. I'll try and look for that pic though.

Sean Bradley

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What do the photo's have to do with your theory?

Those we pre-Halo concept renderings drawn by Marcus Lehto circa 2000 while they were designing the first Halo game. That first one was damaged when the walls of Bungies Chicago office leaked during a rainstorm.

It's in the Art of Halo book.

I dunno if they'll re-make Halo anytime soon, it's only 7 years old... but thats a lifetime in the videogames biz.... maybe they're testing the waters with these re-mastered cinematics...
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