Foam Halo 3 Marine build (Andrew DFT) WIP


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Hello all!

This is my second time building this armor. Pictured below is my old set.

I've got most of the leg and arm pieces done (not all of them are pictured here.)


I liked the look of the 3d printed helmet more than the foam one so I ordered this one from etsy.

I also picked up this patrol cap for when I don't want to wear the helmet.

I've begun the sealing process with some plasti-dip. I'm going to start experimenting with some different rattle cans to try and recreate the same color from the game.

What did everyone else use for game accurate color?
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I’ve always just used spray paint. However, I know many members have elected to use regular ol’ house paint as it allows more colour options. I’m not sure if you apply it with a brush or through a sprayer though
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