halo 3 pep minigun, warning does need improvement!! lol

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hey guys got another gun fer yas, its the halo 3 minigun, i got bored last night and started modifiyibg my warthog chain gun and this is wat i got, i know i need to work on the sheild and i am

and it might say 700 sumthin faces but over half of those are completely useless just go up to line config in pep and click hide almost flat line and set it to 179







Does anyone else use Wings 3D? its freeware that will import an export most widely used 3d files, like .3ds, and .obj, and pretty simple to learn and use. Its much easier to get precision with Wings, i find, because it displays distances, which google sketchup doesnt, its very inexact (or i cant use it)
looks awesome!

there should be a sticky where you put all the pepakura files, this would be one of them, along with the pep AR
you don't plan on making pepakura barrels right? you could just use PVC pipe, fiber glas base of the gun for stregth other wise the paper will odviously bend.
yeah i no im not using pep barrels, but i cant afford that much glass right now, im on a verry tight budget as it is with all the projects i have goin on but im goin to do this later on just thot u guys might want it for watever, lol and thnx for the support

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