Halo 3 Pep.

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***UPDATE*** I am a total noob by chance... I didn't notice the link as it came through as plain text for me. For those that don't know, a .rar file is similar to a .zip file, and a free .rar extractor can be found on the net...

Condensed Version, read on for full post (Please post a link to the H3 peps, they are eluding me).... continue if you wish to see I am not lazy nor total noob....

I have been looking, and reading, and generally digging through the forums here, and so far I have managed to find Sylo's post with ever long reply after reply post about creating regarding Halo 3 pep files, and after re-reading it for the third time, thats right, all 8 pages, I still cannot seem to find a link to the Halo 3 Peps. I did however note that several times there is reference to the fact the the armor files have been created, but the helmet is yet to be finished. H3 armor for now with my existing Chief Helm would be fine, as only the most avid fan would notice, but I would like to get started on the armor.

I am an experienced model builder, as well as have spent many many hours of experience working with fiberglass, both laying new and repair. I have used many different types/brands of body filler. I have spent many hours painting and sanding, power and by hand. All experience was gained from and with my father, and a very good friend of his who owns and operates a Collision Repair/Custom Auto shop while building R/C scale WWII airplanes, and rebuilding and restoring a 78 Corvette pace car and 56 Nomad. I have experience with everything from metal, to fiberglass, and from sparypaint/aribrushing to lacquer and PPG auto paint. Very soon I will have step by step pictures of armor creation up on the web.

I would very much like to find these peps, and if someone just happens to know where they might be located, I would very much appreciate a direct link. Everyone here is awesome. Armor looks great, molded and pep.
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