Halo 3 Sig Generator

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Silverzippo93 said:
Don't you just love the eBay ads?
I would do that i DO want my hair to smell like masterchief.
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Is it really that hard to make one on your own? I mean all you really have to do is click, but if you are having trouble, I made it for you

<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>[ url=http://www.gruntsrus.com/]
[/url ]
remove the spaces in the url tag part</div>

although u shouldn't be cursing on these boards

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Consider the possibility that his browser may not be loading the page/pages correctly. I'm running on dial up here, so it took forever to get mine done. Granted, connection and browser are two different things, but it's just an example of the idea that people DO have problems/inconveniences(sp?) that go beyond their control. Just putting in my two cents...


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Awesomeness Thanks Techroin whenever i try i just get a red square.

See What i mean how do i fix that so does mine appear for you?
heres my other one lemme check if it works.

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For the record, I haven't seen any red boxes all day long.

Edit:And I'm not entirely sure that's the General insignia...I could certainly be wrong since insignias do vary from branch to branch, but I think a General's rank is usually displayed by four stars, isn't it?
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