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There is this thing on Halo3.com when it first starts up. It says server1 unlocked, and it shows other grayed out shapes. If you click on server 1, it shows a forruner object, spinning. Does anyone know what this could be?
I think it may be puzzle peices, but that seems too simple.

(If this toppic has been made already, then please delete this one.)
I am 99.99999999999999% sure it is the physical form of 16807 Adjutent Reflex. Although, I could be wrong. Also, My one friend thinks that all the other shadows are the same thing viewed at different angles, but I don't know as of yet. Right now, I'd say it's Adjutent Reflex.
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On the back of the "Spinning Top of the Future" there is one glyph that is lit up, and 4 that aren't.

A Server in the Ark? All have to be active before the Ark makes things go Boom?


I just clicks on teh Spinning thing...and now I'm watching a movie


I clicked the other buttons and downloaded 4 files.
StarImage1, Log5_Transript, Array_Recorder_Data and Slide_Ref070107

Slide_Ref070107 is a picture of a slide under a microscope with the words "Flood Containment Control" and "Infectious Study" at the top. There might be something hidden inside the picture.

StarImage1 is a picture of stars with that glyph sitting on top of the image. Maybe we move the glyph somewhere else? Points to something?

Log5_Transript is what I read on the screen during the movie

The other thing I dont have a clue.
The other thing I dont have a clue.[/quote said:
thats the Array Recorder i think its a forruner talking to himself while werking on activating Halo. :ninja:
but that video we watched; wow...

I guess it would be safe to assume that the numbers are a date, and if it is a date, then it's July 1st, 2007 - which would be Sunday. Has someone known of the Flood a long longer than we think?

But since we'd be dealing with Ancients it could be July 1st, 1907 - or 1807, 1707. Anyrate.

I know it's probably a "duh" thing, but we should make sure to check that place on Sunday.

Out of curiousity I reentered the Server thing and chose United Kingdom, just to see what would be different, if anything. Nothing that I can tell - I guess that's just for the Rating Laws for other countries.

Also: Does the "Floating Top of the Future" thing 'click' for anyone else? It's hovering and every so often it, or something clicks.
Just one of the ramdom sites (silverladder.com) is down or something and says it won't return 'til July 1st.


What is going to happen on the 1st...?
Ronster said:
Just one of the ramdom sites (silverladder.com) is down or something and says it won't return 'til July 1st.
What is going to happen on the 1st...?

Why is there a picture of a trainwreck and a angel on the main page?

And remember, July 1, 07 is the date on the Slide Ref picture from the Server

Spartan-419 said:
These sites seem to focus a lot on the paranormal...

What part seems paranormal? I thought everything had the extraterrestrial feel
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Personally, I think your "Spinnig top of the future" is 16807 Adjutent Reflex himself.

Think about it. In that tranmission/video, it states "This is my final hope."
implying that "My" is refering to the construct. Also, if you look at it long enough, it looks vaugely...familiar.

Plus, it would make sense that he is a moniter.

343 guilty spark-installation 04
2401 Penitent Tangent-installation 05
16807 Adjutent Reflex-installation 06

If we follow the naming trend.

But what if he is the moniter of the Ark? Wouldn't the Ark be Installation 01? (the moniter of which would have the designation number of 1)

Actually, the Installations (01-07) are the Halos. The Ark is a ship, not referred to as an installation
Seeing as how the Ark is on Earth, I doubt that it has a Monitor. I think that we would have noticed a Monitor floating around.

I think that the Ark is like what the Spartan III's found, a giant teleportation gate or something. I don't know why there was one on Onyx, but seeing as how it's named the "Ark", I think it would save, rather than destroy. Anyone remember Noah's big-ass boat?
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