halo 3 skulls

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well, first off, im not asking for the skull locations, theres plenty of that on the net. what i am asking for is what to do after you've found them
well, i found the Iron Skull (at the end of the first conflict with the convenant on sierra), as i pick it up, i dont know what to do next, do i drop it, continue on or carry it with me, dropping it whenever i need to, or melee my whole way through the level. as i said, im a total noob.
one you grab it and the screen flashes and says something or whatever happens ... u can carry it drop it or w/e u still got it .... and if u die it doesnt matter you still got it so you dont need to go pick it up again
Vader said:
And knowing is half the battle.
Also as soon as you have the skull you can quit the board right after you get it you dont have to finish the board
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No , no , it's this :

Knowing is half the battle


- Sorry..couldn't help myself.

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