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After I modeled the Halo 3 Spike Grenade I decided to challenge myself and model a prop that would push me as a modeler. (I have also always loved big guns) After some thought I decided that making the Halo 3 SPNKr would be fun!

After a handful of nights (and some other random times) I present the finished model:
(and yes I learned a ton from TurboCharizard and stole a bunch of his ways of making a model thread)

SPNKr Render 2.png
SPNKr Render 1.png

SPNKr Render.png

Full Model.png

The model is 100% designed (and split up) for easy 3D printing) Additionally, there are a bunch of spots for metal rods to help align + reinforce the prop to ensure it has a long lifespan.

The main pipes are 2" PVC (~52" length) and there is also a 1/2" PVC (~41.5" length) for the grip.

Materials if you are interested in making one. (also include in a text file in the attached zip)

  • Barrels
    • 2x 2" PVC - 1325 mm (52 1/8")
  • Grip Support
    • 1/2" Pipe - 1060 mm (41 5/8")
    • 2x 1/8" Metal Rod - 820 mm (32 1/4")
  • Loader
    • 1/4" Metal Rod - 215 mm (8 3/8")
  • Case Handle
    • 1/8" Metal Rod - ~250 mm (need to bend) (~10")
  • Case Support
    • 4x 1/8" Metal Rod - 255 mm (10")
  • Back Handle
    • 1/4" Metal Rod - 105 mm (cross bar) (4 1/8")
    • 2x 1/4" Metal Rod - 150 mm (uprights) ()
  • Back Support
    • 2x 1/8" Metal Rod - 88 mm (5 7/8")
  • Random
    • 3x 1/4" Metal Rods (aligning the case to the grip)

Detail Screws:
40x - (detail on center)
Button Head Hex Drive Screw
Passivated 18-8 Stainless Steel, M1.6 x 0.35 mm Thread, 3mm Long
92095A321 - McMaster-Carr

20x - (detail on case), 6x - (detail on back end), 8x - (detail on back support)
Button Head Hex Drive Screw
Passivated 18-8 Stainless Steel, M3 x 0.50 mm Thread, 3mm Long
92095A287 - McMaster-Carr

Printing: (Estimates)
2520 grams Filament
294 Hours of print time
*5% infill @ 0.20 layer height


The whole model is sliced up to be able to print on my Prusa (21x21x25 build volume). I also include STLs of some of the larger pieces that are not broken down if you want to work with them in that way. (They are in a folder labeled "Not Sliced")

Files that end with x# are to indicate the number of those items that you need to print.

(And yes - I have one fully printed and will slowly be finishing it)

(One SPNKr - Some Assembly Required)

Please respect the Creative Commons licensing stamped inside, I designed these files for the 405th folks to have fun with and make cool things.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues working with the model!

(Edit - Please share pictures / updates if you do decide to make one. I love to see them)
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