Halo 3 to unveil in two weeks: MAY 11, 2007

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Sean Bradley

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Mark your calendars, there will be an official press event detailing the release of Halo 3 held May 11, 2007



I suspect that they'll be showing off the beta build version to the press, as the last time the press saw anything about this was way back at the E3 announcement trailer, they got to see some flyby stuff in the game engine.

I also wouldn't be surprised at all if they announce an official release date on that same day.

My sources in game distribution told me a while back ( http://www.mjolnirarmor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1006 ) that Microsoft will soon be announcing a price drop on the X Box 360 .... I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that they announce the price drop on the day they unveil Halo 3...it'd ensure that both news items were well covered in the press.

Thats just smart marketing....smarketing!
i can get a timer for this that counts down to the last second. well i got a timer for the beta not this, here dont know if it wokrs but heres the code thing.

<p align='center'>
<embed src='http://files.poqbum.com/Files/Gens/countdown/countdown/cndplayer.swf?skinn=http://files.poqbum.com/Files/Gens/countdown/countdown/skin3.swf&bg_mc=2450482&tcm=FFFFFF&tcu=e85617&msg=Halo%203%20Beta%20Starts&tyear=2007&tmonth=5&tday=16&thours=0&tminutes=0&tseconds=0' wmode='transparent' quality='high' width='310' height='180' name='cndplayer'></embed>
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Cool, thanx Manc. Nice find, Sean, I'm betting on your idea, too.

Hehehe... Smarkiting...

EDIT: Ooooooooohh, the Timer is very fancy. :hyper:
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