Halo 40k?!


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I'm starting 40k and I've thought of doing Halo.

ActionClix+write your own rules=epic win.


i work with 40k and halo clix everyday, i am a fan of both, but for mass armies i will always go with 40k, but for stomping your opponent to the ground i will always pick haloclix as i have the scarab tank

Spartan 061

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Sweet. Ive started a collection of actionclix and already have tartarus, 2 masterchiefs, and a Active camo chief. Oh, and eskimo, what type of scarab? Battle damegd or not?


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I dont think it would be too hard, if you were nifty with 3d programs and pep and balsa wood you could make urself a nice warthog/scorpion; you have converted IG for marines; with IG you even have rules in place for ODST orbital deployment, etc; largest difficulty is making 40k version of AR (model, not rules)

There was one on geocities a while back, not uber-well-converted, but this might be the same one i couldnt find what you were talking about on ebay...


Oh, and eskimo, what type of scarab? Battle damegd or not?
Sorry for taking so long.
Its the non damaged one and it sits at my work till the haloclix promo thing dies off then I can take her home!
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