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Halo 5 release Denver

Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by SwedishNinja, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. SwedishNinja


    Hey all,

    Just got off the phone with the Denver Microsoft store in Park meadows mall and it sounds like we are good to go for the midnight release of Halo 5: Guardians. She is collecting some info and then will get back to me when her events team finalizes everything.
    For the MCC launch we just met up about an hour before doors open got ready in the back room and then we got to open the doors and then greeted the crowd and hung around for pictures.

    So far I have:

    SwedishNinja: Master Chief Mark VI
    Gilmortar: ODST tentative
    Hydra: ODST tentative
    James S: Reach Spartan
    David S: ODST
    CrazedOne1988: Reach Spartan

    Let me know if you guys are interested

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  2. CrazedOne1988


    Count me in!
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  3. Angus314


    Alrighty! Count me in! I'll be wearing what I wore at Comic con! (couldn't finish my new suit on time.)
  4. SwedishNinja



    Just got this note from the MS store

    "Thank you for sending this over to me. I am slowly, but surely, getting information from our Events’ Team. Just as a heads up, I know that they are planning some things from their end, so if we have to make any adjustments I will let you know."

    Not sure what all that involves but I know that 343i was asking around the 405th for suit actors to wear their official MC suit in some regions I don't think they would post one at this store since its a pretty small store but who knows. For the MCC launch they gave away bags, stickers, shirts, etc.. for pre orders. I pre ordred mine last week and they said if anyone wanted their guaranteed copy they should have pre order in 2 weeks before release.

    Ill keep you all posted, Please give your updates here if you are unable to suit up or attend the release.
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  5. SwedishNinja


    Ok, we have some more info for ya'll

    the event is from 7-11 PM MST but they want us there at 6pm. I am not sure where they will be meeting us yet but from what it sounds like UEG will get us a place to get ready and save place to keep our stuff. . This means we might not have time to meet up for dinner but if some of you can get down there a bit early feel free to set something up. I get off work round 3:30, home by 430ish and can be up to park meadows round 5 so I can potentially catch the back end.

    There will be more details as the 27th approaches but thats what we got so far

    This is the copied message that Spacemat got from 343i and Microsoft
    We will advise the MSFT store associates and UEG team members that 405[SUP]th[/SUP]can:
    o Participate the store’s raffle, which requires each person to self-register using information provided on the event badge
    § UEG store leads will set aside the appropriate amount of lanyards/badges for your team and will be provided once they arrive onsite. I will send you a grid with each UEG store lead early next week
    o Receive the Limited-edition Launch day posters, with a purchase of $25+
    o Partake in the food, beverage, early game play, etc., like any other guest at the event
    · Separately, the UEG store lead with work with the market’s regiment lead to hold an informal raffle amongst the regiment to win modest prizing, separate from the Store raffle mentioned above
    · Our team has been working to secure a “private room” in each mall location to allow the 405[SUP]th[/SUP] to get ready for the events with some privacy. While we have been successful at some malls, other malls could not accommodate this request, due to time constraints and the timing of our event against mall hours. The UEG store leads can direct your teams to the nearest mall bathrooms to get ready and will ask the MSFT team to allow the 405[SUP]th[/SUP] to store their personal items in a secure location. We recommend that you suggest to the 405[SUP]th[/SUP] that they bring minimal personal belongings, as storage is limited at the stores.

    Shoot me a PM, facebook message, or text if you guys have any questions/issues.
    720 280 2257
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