Props Halo 5 Scout Helmet


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I've been trooping with the mandalorian mercs for a few years now and have decided to go back to one of my first builds ever and re-visit a halo helmet. Sadly I no longer have my pepakura and fibreglass efforts of around 15 years ago but it was a red master chief helmet to match my spartan in halo 3. Browsing through the latest armour designs and I really like the Gen 2 scout helmet so want to build and somehow incorporate a bluetooth headset system to liven up work calls with my colleagues. I saw the file was designed for a 24" head, mine measures 23.5" so I didn't bother checking the size and made my first mistake:
PXL_20240321_172256172 edit.jpg

But seeing as this is a personal project I perservered, split the glue holding the helmet together and added some magnets in the middle. It's left a line down the middle of the helmet that given how it opens and closes now won't be easy to hide, but I'm going to perservere and use it as practice for finishing helmets with UV resin and an excuse to make a vacuum former for the visor for the next go. Lessons learned, check files for size/print the easy on version.
PXL_20240323_133521354 edit.jpg

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