Halo 5 vs Master Chief Collection

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by vRinzler, Sep 28, 2018.


Which Is Better?

  1. Halo 5

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  2. Halo The Master Chief Collection

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  1. vRinzler

    vRinzler New Member

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    So hopefully you guys have had the chance to play both, I'm gonna go out and say that MCC is actually more fun to me. Now yes it is more games, but even the gameplay and the ability to switch graphics is just more fun to experience. Halo 5 has a fun story and cool mechanics but being able to play classics is amazing. Also, Halo 5 forge was garbage. Basically, anything that wasn't Reach's forge was garbage.
  2. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku Well-Known Member

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    really? I thought forge was the best in 5 FLYING MANTISSSS (merge vehicles)
  3. vRinzler

    vRinzler New Member

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    Yeah true but the controls were so complex Reach had simplicity but 5 did have some advanced techniques I'll give it that.
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  4. xXDashIVXx

    xXDashIVXx Active Member

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    They were a little bit more complex but still not complicated. It slowed you to do way more! If you put in a day it would have become easy and wonderful. It is the best forge out there no question.plus I like how it is more fast paced and gives mobility

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